Thursday, March 11, 2010

Episode 42 - Are you the next American Idol?

Yo, check it dog, what's happenin'. So, here's the deal. Execs & Regionals, we are the judges. Managers & Leasing Peeps, you are the artists. Start watching American Idol and look at it from this perspective. You're going to find that as artists you have an opportunity to maximize your talent (and you have the talent). When you get this far in the competition it's not that you don't have the talent, it's that you have a choice. A choice to bring the "Wow factor" or to just sing within yourself. It's a choice, and as execs/regionals (judges) we have the choice to encourage bringing the "Wow factor" or to just push for the status quo. The rules and guidelines and scripts that your management company provides just allow us to be average and sing within ourselves. It's about going beyond, making it your own, finding out what kind of artist you are to make it work, stand out, and bring the "Wow factor".

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