Friday, August 7, 2009

Episode 14 - The Champion

Most likely if you are reading this you either are or are a good candidate to "champion" change in your branding, marketing, and social media efforts. I'm not sure if I really make a point as much as I just bring up this concept. What I am suggesting is that we need to make sure we are leaders or we have a team that sets out to build on the points I make in episodes 11, 12, and 13 about building a brand, having a plan for training, and just having an overall strategy. I read a post today from Shannon Paul about social media strategy vs. tactics, and just this morning Seth Godin had a post focusing on the same topic. So my question is, are you "The Champion"? Are you ready to build your strategy? Are you prepared to be "The Champion"?


  1. This post needs the Rocky theme song playing behind it. Either that or Chariots of Fire.

    People want to interact with other people, not logos, so it makes perfect sense that you should have someone who is "the face of the company" when interacting with your audience on these sites. I think that goes double when it's a local company (or apartment community) that is trying to reach out to people specific to one town or neighborhood.

    One good example is Smokey Bones, which is designating one employee at each location as the restaurant's 'Web host' - or 'champion' - to encourage local interaction. Here's one article about their program -

    Thanks for the mention, Mark!

  2. I agree with Mike's theme song idea. :)

    We love watching your videos, Mark. Thanks so much for the shout out. Bell Partners has myself and an internet marketing specialist supporting our programs behind the scenes with our awesome site teams crossing where the rubber meets the road. We completely agree. It all starts with the strategy. And for all of us progressive thinkers...a.k.a sometimes "crazy" folk- don't give up. We are all on to something and it's good.

    Sidenote: The aviators had some serious flare to your vids. I also like watching the traffic ahead of you in the reflection.

    Happy Marketing,
    Allison Crabtree
    Bell Partners

  3. @Mike I've added some background music to today's upcoming post "Tidbits from the Shock Jock". Thanks for sharing the Smokey Bones link.

    @Allison You inspired me with your "crazy folk" comment. Next post coming soon. It not just us that is on to something. We're just applying already great ideas to our industry.

    New post will probably will hit in the middle of #aptchat today. I also thought it was kind of cool to see the traffic in the reflection of the aviators. :)


  4. One more thing ... where do I get one of these social media-ready cars? This would seriously ramp up the productivity during my commute.