Sunday, May 17, 2009

Are You Going Mobile Yet?

Hello everyone, I've done at least 3 retakes for this week's Apartment Nerd post and I just can't get it right so here it is in writing with some screen shots from the outtakes.

Anyway, what I'm looking to throw out there this week is the concept of "Mobile". A lot of chatter last week on Twitter was about iPhone apps, and I know many of us have discussed mobile websites and text marketing. I have an opinion (of course) about where this is all going, but I'd like to know where everyone stands on the topic today.

1. What are your thoughts on text marketing? (i.e.- what the listing guides provide you, or what you may or may not already be doing similar to real estate agents)
2. How does your website look on a mobile phone? Are you taking steps to make your websites mobile? If not, I'd like to know why you don't think this is a good move right now.
3. Is an iPhone app a good investment for your company? How would you intend to use it? And how would you measure the return on your investment?

These are the main questions running through my mind on mobile, and in an upcoming (hopefully video if I can get it together) I'll share my thoughts as well. Thanks for stopping by.



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